Children’s Media Studio, creators of Sing And Spell, specializes in creating educational media content

designed to help make learning fun.

Our team of songwriters, animators and educators are dedicated to helping preschoolers and English language learners (ELL/ESL) conquer the basics of learning letter sounds (including vowels), letter and word identification, and more through phonics and music for lively learning.

We make learning fun!

Your child's education is critical to their development. Phonics play is a fun way to encourage English learning in children, helping them begin to learn to read through word play. Each phonics song in the Sing And Spell alphabetical learning system is catchy, unique, and colorfully-animated, so early experience in learning to read can be fun. The free learning supplements include alphabet puzzles, ABC games for kids, alphabet coloring pages and alphabet cards.  These align with the Sing And Spell songs and offer opportunities for children to develop motor skills including writing.  Sing And Spell is a fun way to teach early literacy basics such as letter names, letter sounds, sight words, vowels and vocabulary and help children prepare for their adventures in preschool, kindergarten and the world of reading!

Quality Leaders

Award Winning Creators

Learning to read can be a tedious process for children, and yet it is imperative for them to learn to read. That's why we are dedicated, not only to helping children learn to read, but also to help them enjoy the learning process.

Cathy Vangieri



Elementary School Teacher & Tutor


Mark Radice

Director of Music


Sesame Street - Song Writer

Muppets - Song Writer

3 Emmy Nominations

Todd Carter

Director of Animation

& Technology


40+ years Video & Animation Production

30+ years Innovation Tech Leads



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